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Help your Fabry care team understand your treatment goals and challenges at your next visit using the Appointment Companion

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The Appointment Companion is a free, easy-to-use tool that captures your treatment preferences, goals, and challenges so you can effectively communicate with your Fabry care teams.

With a few easy steps, you and your loved ones stay at the center of your care no matter where you are in your journey.

Appointment Companion

Help your Fabry care team further understand your treatment goals, preferences, and challenges at your next appointment.

How It works

Build a Conversation With Your Care Team

In a matter of minutes your Appointment Companion captures the full you.

Quickly and easily share what matters most to you when it comes to your care. Develop your thoughts, prioritize your treatment goals, and communicate any challenges. You’ll also save time in the waiting room by filling out any necessary health surveys in advance of your appointment.

Created for you

Designed with Fabry patients and leading treatment centers, the Appointment Companion helps solve some of the biggest challenges for patients just like you.

The Appointment Companion is brought to you by the Fabry Support & Information Group (FSIG), a leading Fabry patient foundation, and Patient Discovery, a leader in patient-provider decision technologies.

In collaboration with leading Fabry treatment centers, FSIG has partnered with Patient Discovery to design the Appointment Companion to meet the specific needs of Fabry patients and caregivers like you.

What patients are saying...

“This is a concrete tool to help patients get organized and feel less overwhelmed.”

“It helps me organize the subjects I wish to discuss with my physician. It helps me to focus on different aspects of treatment. It helps me recall any questions I want to ask during my appointment.”

“What I like most are the important questions that need to be addressed at your visit are asked ahead of time.”

“This is a quick way to prioritize your health and treatment goals so you stay on track during your specialist visit.”

“If you want to learn about how your disease affects your health and ask questions that focus on your treatment options, this is the tool to use.”

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